Keep it Simple this New Year

Every year I plan out my new year’s resolutions and I find that they are snoringly standard: get fit, eat better, travel more, save money and all that. By mid March, I realise nothing much is going to change … Blerg.

“My New Year’s resolution? I will be less laz…”— Jim Gaffigan

We joke about failed resolutions every year, but that doesn’t stop us wanting to get ourselves on the right track. There’s a beautiful hope in a fresh start!

This year, I’m going to simplify things. Instead of grand plans and massive changes, I’m taking things down a notch.

I’m going focus on the standard things, but look for small ways to adjust my approach. If you find yourself failing at resolutions too, maybe these ideas might help out.


Give my family the best of me. When we hang out, I want to be more present, more engaged, more interested in those I care about. ie, stop mucking round on my phone all the time.
Angry Birds can wait.


I know what I need to do and it isn’t go to the gym more. It’s stop eating a packet of Cookies & Cream Pods every second day. Let’s start there hey, Paul?!

Apart from my binge eating, I’ve been checking out Headspace and finding it really helpful, so I’m going to keep making time for that.


I spend money like a drunken pirate. I’m not ashamed to say “I like toys.” However, this year, I’m going to become good friends with eBay and Gumtree.

I have too much stuff and I don’t need it. Surely I can get some $$ for that mini disc player with 8 blank discs?


So, that’s my setup for the year. How’s your 2015 looking?

What are your New Years Resolutions?  Are you planning big things or small things?