The Importance of Investing in Your Own Website


One of the website platforms I specialize in is Shopify – a brilliant system for running online stores. (I’ve even been labelled a Shopify Expert – their words, not mine).

Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce systems. At the end of last year Shopify was powering over 140,000 stores with over $3.7 billion in transactions across 150 countries. It’s big e-business!

Recently, I was asked, by Shopify, to write an article for the Partners Blog – a blog aimed at those in the industry, like myself, who specialize in the platform. It provides content for designers, developers and businesses to stay on top of trends and build the best sites for their clients.

Shopify asked me to write an article on ‘the importance of having a great website for your business’, influenced by the saying “A Cobblers children go unshod”.

Well, my children are shod and is my business website (?) – either way, I was honoured. Out of over 700 Shopify Partners worldwide, I was asked and I’m really excited to share the result. It’s simply called:

“The Importance of Investing in Your Own Website”

Although this article was written for a particular audience, I believe it can be applied to any business that has a particular vision and wants to grow. I’d love you to have a read, and hopefully you can get something out of it.

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