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Pinterest grabbed a lot of attention when it came onto the scene in 2010. The fact you could collect all the things you like, from across the internet, and have them in one place was revolutionary.

Using Pinterest for collecting inspiration for projects has become the norm – mood boards for fashion designers, galleries for brides-to-be, references for interior designers or even just a board of big healthy beards.

Apart from just being a place to find pictures of things you like, it can be a really powerful business tool as well, especially for e-commerce. When used correctly, Pinterest can drive more traffic to your site than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined. That’s pretty powerful!

I’m pretty new to Pinterest, so here’s a few articles from the experts to help you out.

15 Stats Retailers Should Know About

Pinterest has been the belle of the social media ball for some retailers, who are seeing nice traffic referrals from the social sharing site.

Unlike many social platforms, Pinterest has two things going for it: it isn’t just a bunch of early adopters on the coasts and it leads to actual sales. Here’s 15 stats that retailer’s should know about Pinterest.

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10 Commandments for Using Pinterest for Business

Would you love to tap into the power of a social media site that can send you more referral traffic than Twitter? Bring you more leads than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined? Convert more fans into paying customers who will easily share your content with their friends? Here are the 10 commandments of using Pinterest for Business.

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12 Most Strategic Ways to Use Pinterest for Marketing

Having a strategy for your Pinterest activities will help you reach your goals and objectives. You have those in place, right? Here are 12 tips and strategic ways to use Pinterest for marketing.

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