Wrap Up: 5 Ways to Supercharge Social Media


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Over the last ten weeks we’ve looked at different social media channels and figuring out “Where the party at ?!”. Hopefully you’ve been able to find a few things in the emails that have helped you and your business.

Instead of rehashing information that I’ve already sent, I’ve decided to make a list of 5 Ways to Supercharge Your Social Media on different platforms. Strap yourself in, this is going to get wild (or as wild as an email about social media can get):

1. Know Your Call To Action

If your audience aren’t responding or interacting with you, maybe you need to consider how you’re interacting with them. When you know what you want from your followers and you can be clear about it, you’ll get better results. If you can convey it in a fun or clever way, even better.

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2. Want Some Attention? Run A Contest

People love free stuff and everyone thinks THEY are going to win. One of the quickest ways to get followers and attention online is to run a contest or giveaway. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for this. Here’s a run down on ‘how to make the most of it’ on Facebook.

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3. Be Responsive … quicker

Facebook users expect a response time of about 30 minutes when they contact you online. The average response time for a business is … 22 hours. Ouch. Be more responsive with your customers quicker and they’ll be more likely to connect and stay connected.

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4. Drop Some Cash

We’ve talked about it before, but it’s worth repeating. Repeating. To make the most of the platforms, you’re going to have to invest some of your hard earned dollars. Facebook, especially, will need a budget in order to reach people. Even $10 week will get you pretty far!

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5. Quality over Quantity

Now that people are on multiple social media platforms and are exposed to content all the time, users are getting pickier about what they allow in their ‘feed’. In order to be seen, you have to have great content. It’s been called ‘The Year of Quality Over Quantity’.

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Yeah, I’ll admit on the opposite side of this list, it wasn’t really ‘wild’. I may have overstated it. Either way, hopefully you got something out of it.

Thanks for joining me on this 10 week social media journey. If you’d like to recap you can find them published on the White Flag Journal.


Coming up in the next edition, I’m going to start looking at:

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A big part of what we do at White Flag is building e-commerce businesses and if that’s your thing, then you’re in for a treat. If you have any questions email them through.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Bare Bones – my foray into the online selling world. I’ll reference it a lot … mainly cause I like talking about myself …

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