What I Learnt From Being My Own Client


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To start off this next newsletter series about e-commerce I wanted to wait till I could share my latest article, that I’ve been lucky enough to have, published on Shopify’s blog:

“What I Learnt From Being My Own Client”

Last year, I started Bare Bones – my own wallet company. Six months ago, I launched my online store and have been documenting my struggles, achievements and discoveries of what it’s like to run an e-commerce business.

Apart from always wanting to run my own products brand, I was motivated to experience what my clients go through on a day to day basis as they run their online stores and market their products. This article looks at a few things I’ve learnt and what I’d recommend for my clients going forward. I hope you can get something out of it.

What I Learnt From Being My Own Client

I want to give a shout out to Darryn Altclass of ‘Why Then How’ for his help in putting this together. It wouldn’t make as much sense or be anywhere near helpful without his input and guidance. Thanks Darryn!

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