Brett Kingman on YouTube & Building a Business

From ‘The Mast’

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Brett Kingman, in my opinion, is ‘Oz Rock Royalty’.

Over the years Brett has toured and recorded with the likes of James Reyne, Daryl Braithwaite, Ross Wilson, Renee Geyer and Jenny Morris just to name ...



The Importance of Investing in Your Own Website

One of the website platforms I specialize in is Shopify – a brilliant system for running online stores. (I’ve even been labelled a Shopify Expert – their words, not mine).

Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce systems. At the end of last year Shopify was powering over 140,000 stores with over $3.7 billion in transactions across 150 countries. It’s big e-business!

Recently, I was asked, by Shopify, to write ...



we are xyz

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Darryn Altclass (The Learning Community) and Joel Warren (Wiild Interactive) on many projects this year.  The one thing we found is that our skills really compliment each other.  We’ve been able to help local businesses take control of their online presence.  We enjoy it so much we decided to start ‘xyz’.

Our whole aim is to help businesses work less and achieve ...



Have Fun No Matter What

My friend, Darryn Altclass, asked me to design a book for his company.  He prefixed it with the warning “This book topic will be of no interest to you.  In fact, you’ll find it dead boring.”  He was right.  It was for a book on RTO Compliance (that aint my thing).

However, he did request: “I want you to have fun with it.  Think ‘perspective’, ‘overcoming the clutter’ and ...


If You Build It

If You Build It … They May Not Come

Recently I was asked to guest post on Inspired Mag – a great online resource for designers, coders and creatives looking for inspiration.

The title of my article is ‘If you Build It … They May Not Come’.  It’s about launching your online store and getting noticed.  

Very often I see people build a website and launch their new online business with the expectation that ...