Signal Chain Launch Party

I’m a guitar pedal geek.  For those that don’t know, guitar pedals are small electronic devices that help electric guitars sound different/better.  Jimi Hendrix loved them and used them to get all his crazy sounds.  I love them and have too many of them.

I met Rodger & Chris from Signal Chain when they wanted to set up an online store to sell all these amazing things.

I’ve been lucky ...



Bondi Effects Del Mar

Jon from Bondi Effects and I have been planning this pedal for a long time.  Jon mentioned to me early in the year that he had something in the works.  So we’ve been talking names, designs, launch campaigns.

This week we got to share the new Bondi Effects Del ...


FisherKing Tour Posters

FisherKing Posters

As I dug through the archives recently I found these designs I did for my old band, FisherKing.

We did a tour back in 2009 and it was our first headlining tour.  I took the opportunity to design a poster for each major venue we played at.  Looking back on these designs, I’m still really proud of them.

Since I had no design parameters for the project it took me ...