Signal Chain Launch Party

I’m a guitar pedal geek.  For those that don’t know, guitar pedals are small electronic devices that help electric guitars sound different/better.  Jimi Hendrix loved them and used them to get all his crazy sounds.  I love them and have too many of them.

I met Rodger & Chris from Signal Chain when they wanted to set up an online store to sell all these amazing things.

I’ve been lucky ...



we are xyz

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Darryn Altclass (The Learning Community) and Joel Warren (Wiild Interactive) on many projects this year.  The one thing we found is that our skills really compliment each other.  We’ve been able to help local businesses take control of their online presence.  We enjoy it so much we decided to start ‘xyz’.

Our whole aim is to help businesses work less and achieve ...



Option 5

I’ve been luck enough to work with Jay of Option 5 Effects on a redesign of his brand.  Check out the new ...



Have Fun No Matter What

My friend, Darryn Altclass, asked me to design a book for his company.  He prefixed it with the warning “This book topic will be of no interest to you.  In fact, you’ll find it dead boring.”  He was right.  It was for a book on RTO Compliance (that aint my thing).

However, he did request: “I want you to have fun with it.  Think ‘perspective’, ‘overcoming the clutter’ and ...



Introducing Bare Bones

Introducing ‘Bare Bones‘ by White Flag. Australian, handmade, men’s premium leather wallet.

I’ve been working hard for the last couple of months on samples, and more samples and testing.  Now, I can finally share the ‘side project’ I mentioned.

The wallet design was inspired by a few previous wallets that I’ve used over the years.  I’ve been in search for a slim wallet, made of leather that had easy access ...



Something on the Side

I’ve been working on a little side project. I’ve been writing an article about ‘launching an online store’ and I thought it might be a good experiment to test out my own advice on a project I’ve been considering for a while.

Here’s an very obvious idea of what it is.  More to come ...



Just Stop

I was lucky enough to work with Darryn Altclass of The Learning Community on the new East Coast Tasmania Tourism Campaign. It was entitled ‘Just Stop’.

The campaign covered everything from social media, TV Spots, cinema advertising, advertising postcards, promotional packs, email campaigns and short youtube documentaries.

White Flag worked closely with The Learning Community to provide a consistent design across all of these mediums. Check out some of the ...